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We provide the best Astrology course to the students. You can get admission online and learn Palmistry course from our experts. The main objective of Astrology Training Course is to provide a complete clear understanding of all basic and advanced concepts related the Astrology. We are offering Astrology Training Course in India. We assure our students that they will get a complete learning of all complex aspects that is needed for initial horoscope elucidation. Shree Maharshi College of Vedic Astrology is offering Astrology course to set a foundation for higher learning and able to use astrology as a noteworthy implement for advices in future career life.

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You will be definitely able to read kundli Horoscope and help people by learning about astrology. Astrology is the most important course these days.

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You can make your career in this field and earn money. Our mission is to offer the best Vedic Astrology Education Course with quality professionals or experts who can educate as well as they motivates you. Our college presents diverse types of astrological methods and techniques so that you can get advantages from a well-rounded teaching.

We offer a unique methodology where you can develop your skills in astrology and it is only depends on your creativity and much confidence. Reading Astrology Books can help you very much to gain the deep knowledge about astrology and its concepts. ISO Certified Download Brochure Registration Login.

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One clear Photocopy of any of the following documents will be acceptable as Address Proof. Please provide the address proof of correspondence address only. All communication would be addressed to Correspondence address only. A photo copy of Matriculation or Higher Secondary Certificate showing the date of birth. Three copies of recent passport size photograph, one duly pasted and self attested on the form and two without attestation. The admission would be given on the basis of general intelligence, motivation interest in the subject and conditions prescribed there in.

The list of selected candidates for admission to the courses will be displayed on the notice board.

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The selected candidates are required to deposit the prescribed fees in full in the Bank, functioning in the Bhavan's premises. One copy of Bank's receipt has to be submitted to the Office along with the application form for admission within five days from the date of publication of the list on the notice board.

Bhavan has a Reference Library and books are not issued to students. Facilities are provided to read the books and journals in the library itself. The Identity Card is the library card. Medium of instruction shall be English and Hindi and the students can answer the questions in English or Hindi. A partial use of Hindi in the English medium classes and English in the Hindi medium classes is permissible for the purpose of better clarification and understanding wherever deemed necessary by a teacher.

Seminars are held on every Fourth Sunday of a month at P. Guest speakers are also invited to these seminars. Bi-annual seminars are held alongwith the convocation. These seminars are optional for Jyotish Alankar classes and are compulsory for Jyotish Acharya and Research classes. Nominal expenses will be charged for incidentals. There shall be two mid term examinations, one in the first term and another in Second term. Mid term examination is compulsory and qualifying for junior classes. Students failing in the mid term examination, are not allowed to appear for the Annual Examination.

A student will get two chances before Annual Examination to qualify the Mid term examination. Examination fee for supplementary mid term is Rs. A candidate will be given maximum six chances for re-appearance in the failed examination. Fee for attending again in last semester for those who are not able to appear for the final examination : Rs.

Admission Committee reserves the right to confirm or reject the admission to the Candidate which will be based on performance in the interview and verification of certificates produced in original. These documents must be produced at the time of Interview. The decision of Admission Committee will be final and binding. No further explanation will be given for rejection of any candidature. Admission shall be cancelled in case full fee is not deposited within prescribed time.

The vacancies so caused may be filled up by the Institute immediately before the commencement of the Course. Towards the end of the Course the following examination will be held i. After p. At the time of admission one year fee for both the terms along with other charges must be paid. Dates for the payment of fee and other dues by the students who are admitted will be notified from time to time. After the first week no refund. Tuition fee does not include cost of study material which may be given to the students on actual cost-basis. All the students registered with the Institute of Astrology will be subject to the general disciplinary control of Advisor through its controller of Examinations and the rules framed by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Students are desired to adhere the protocol for airing any grievance, first to the class teacher, then to the Member, Committee of Examinations, then to the Chairman, then to Advisor and then to the Principal of the Institute. Failure to adherence of disciplinary protocol, student are liable for strict disciplinary action. The decision of the Institute will be final and binding. For all practical purposes the teacher who takes first class on Saturdays will be the Class Teacher.

For Junior Alankar students, if first class on Saturdays happens to be of Sanskrit then teacher who takes first class on Sundays will be the Class Teacher. Every class will choose two monitors, who represent them in Monitor's meeting and for other purposes. Monitor's meeting will be held on every third Sunday of the month to be conducted by Examinations and Time Table Committee. Shri K. But that's not really what Tarot cards are about.

In fact, they're not even really meant to tell your fortune or future. Take your spiritual curiosity to the next level in this horoscopes class. Learn to consult the stars for the trying stages in your life. Guide people thru their difficulties by consulting the stars to lighten their load. Learn to become an expert Astrologer in this course that can be done in the classroom or thru distance education. Everyone knows the lines on your hands hold a much more deeper meaning than meets the eye. Delve into the world of palmistry in this palmistry course for those curious minds. This course is offered thru distance learning also.

For those who believe in the divine relationship between numbers and the events that occur in our life, then this is the perfect class that will satisfy your interest.

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Learn about how numbers play an important role in our life. Learn how to re-arrange your life according to the numbers most suitable for you, in this numerology course that can be done in the classroom or thru distance learning. For those who believe in the hand of divinity in our lives, then this dowsing class is sure to spark your interest. Learn to use various tools and crystals to locate not just groundwater, but buried precious stones, ores etc.

A fun class to explore for those who hold a keen interest in astrology and related sciences. From the time we are born, or perhaps even before then, our lives are charted out for us by a divine power. Astrology is a science many believe in and if you wish to take your belief a little deeper, then this astrology class is perfect for you to dabble in. Learn how to read horoscope charts for yourself and those of your friends and family. Let the stars guide you thru all the significant moments of your life. An uplifting course for those interested in a spiritual life and growth.

A course that is sure to spark the interest of any meditator on their quest to happiness and inner peace. Tarot reading and meditation have often merged together and has been used as a guidance tool for those pursuing their spiritual growth. Learn the basics in this short term course aimed at aiding you on your path to wellness.

For those interested in adding magic to their life, to aid in fulfilling their desires. Learn about colors and oils that can aid in revealing your simplest desires.

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Celestial Rhythms can help you overcome your concerns with a touch of a magic. The study of numbers and their connection to your life is an interesting science to dive into.

|| Shree Vedpurshay Namha ||

Learn the importance of the numbers in your life and how their vibrations affect you personally. Study this science from the comforts of your home with private tutoring available. Become a guide to those within your circle, to help them overcome their trying times. Astrology is an ancient Hindu shastra, it is born in the Indian lands and have spread all over the world. Jyotish Shastra is the ancient system of astrology; it is also called as astronomy.

Indian astrology has born at the time of Vedas. Vedas are the Directions of Universe. Astrology remains an important facet in the lives of many Hindus. Already a classboat member? Sign in. Don't have an account?