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James I, King of Scotland

He advised 15 January , around noon at Westminster. The chosen launch time could not have been bettered. Pragmatic chart work tells a different story.

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It was a magical way to end a perfect day. Victor Olliver. Be careful what you wish for Uranus, Pluto and the Scottish Independence Referendum. In our minute corner of the Milky Way galaxy, in that barely noticeable solar system of which our tiny Earth is part, ingenious humans aeons ago devised a symbol system, based on observation of the relationship between planetary movements and human behaviour.

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They were thus able to unlock what the meaning s of those energy shifts might be. We astrologers are still observing — and what an especially interesting time this is in which to be doing so! Astrologers, however, do not have an observational monopoly.

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A highly notable effect has been massively disruptive and often violent falling out of love between established nations , their leaders and populations. The most dramatic , extreme expression of this is the 'Arab Spring' which has been sweeping across the Middle East since December 0 in Tunisia. Street trader Mohamed Bouazizi's despairing self-immolation in that country triggered off massive popular uprisings which swept away dictators like Egypt's Mubarak and Gaddafi in Libya. Its current major manifestation is the ghastly civil war in Syria which shows no signs of abating in its grotesque destructiveness.

In the meantime, Libya is descending into a chaos of fighting factions, whilst Egypt appears to have replaced its democratically elected civilian president Morsi , swiftly deposed by people power, with yet another military-backed president and government. Be careful what you wish for …. Uranus in Aries is immediate and not very nuanced in its headlong pursuit of a new, ideal social order which is - per se - bound to be better than the old, discarded one.

Nothing short of revolution, achieved by force if necessary, is its aim.

Scotland Referendum – try, try again – Astroinform with Marjorie Orr – Star4cast

Caught up in the passion of the moment, a leap into the unknown is acceptable, exciting. Reasoned, hard-headed contemplation of consequences is not high on revolutionary agenda s. Uranus: the revolutionary egg breaker. Liz Greene offers a succinct caveat regarding the Uranian archetype in action, thus:. Nor does it recognise the reality of individual human feeling.

The vision of the future must happen now, and anything standing in its way must be annihilated or, at best, reformed. This can resu lt in enormous suffering, for individuals as well as for the collective. The basic philosophy of Uranus is that, to make an omelette, one has to break eggs.

The problem is that the eggs are the emotional and instinctual needs of individual human beings. Re volutions always have a way of going out of control. We are all caught up, tossed about every which way, by the shifting energy patterns of a restless cosmos. Both individuals and nation states are, as it were, given a chip of prevailing energy pattern s to act out.

King of Scotland James 1 (Gemini)

We are run far more by the dark tides of those turbulent energies than we may care to admit. M any Scots voted SNP not out of a desire for separation, but because as a minority government from , they had appeared to be doing a more competent job of running the country than the Labour Party , wh ose long domination of Scottish politics had led to terminal disillu sion on the part of much of the electorate. With this strong mandate, the big push to a referendum vote on Scotland's future was on. On 18th September , Scots will go to the polls to answer a simple question:.

In , the year Scotland gained its own parliament for the first time in nearly years, I wrote an article presenting and briefly analysing Scotland's horoscope. In this chart can be seen quite clearly some of the main themes which the wider world associates with Scotland.

Furthermore, the transits and progressions summed up the state o f play in very clearly.

Why Scotland Voted No: Astrology Analysis

Fifteen years later, we know the answer to that speculative statement. After the In dependence Referendum on 18th September , there is a credible chance that the UK will formally cease to exist in March The current picture. In this article I have chosen a limited focus: to set the political turmoil going on in one small countr y, Scotland, in the context of a bigger world picture dominated by two disruptively transformative planetary archetypes i. Uranus and Pluto, frequently present at key revolutionary moments in history.

These sign ificators depict a heady mix of energies: a nation suffused with idealism and longing for a radically altered structure to its national life and role in the wider world, urgently pre pared to demolish the old order, inspired by a pioneering vision of a radical new future. Which way forward? So — which way will it go on the 18th of September?

We do much better at describing the essence of a pattern, but identifying the exact branches is much more hit and miss. Personally this cheers me, since it appears to suggest a creative balance between fate and free will in the universe. However, it is possible to see some clear pictures from contemplating both the stripped-down meanings of the Uranus and Pluto archetypes, and obser ving historically how they have played out in the past and are clearly playing out right now across the world.

Hopefully after that, the dust should start settling; we can begin at that stage to assess what the possible political costs and benefits have been. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, the old order is now untenable, is on its way out. The scouring forces of change, for good, ill —or both — will have their way. Scots want more of a say in how their nation is run. They will have that, one way or another. Uranus being Uranus, consequences that no-one could have predicted are on their way both for Scotland and the whole UK.

Fasten your seat belts, ever yone. D ATA :. Coronation of Malcolm Canmore , aka Malcolm the Second. A corrected edition was published by Paul Watkins in Edinburgh in Astrology and which are unknown.

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