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They avoid inconsiderate people, criticism and conflict. It is quite difficult to handle Pisces, as they are sensible visionaries hard to understand and manage. The planet Neptune influences them towards dream, relaxation and philosophy. Being a water sign, Pisces is changeable, adaptable and deep.

This zodiac sign is ruled by the twelfth house, the symbol of end and renewal, final and regeneration.

A true Pisces enjoys and seeks artsy activities where they are requires to reveal their so many otherwise hidden talents. Pisces positive traits: These people are romantic and generous and are the most receptive and idealistic people one can meet. They are very good natured and have a deep understanding of life, although these characteristics get revealed later in their lives.

The most important strength of Pisces is represented by the fact they are some other Pisces qualities are enthusiasm, wit and gentleness as well as optimism. These people are not only witty and generous but also very original and are a great asset for their communities and some even end up changing lives if they meet someone wise enough to bring their ideals down to earth and put things in motion. A successful Pisces knows how to make use of their innovative and idealistic natures to bring progress around them. Pisces negative traits: One of the things Pisces need to learn is to not over rely on intuition and to consider every important decision they have to make in life with a clear mind.

They are credulous, lazy and weak willed. Sometimes they tend to act pretty childish and therefore risk driving away serious and dependable people. Pisces weaknesses include moodiness and self pity and. They are sometimes indecisive and are prone to become victims of their ideals and of their overly trusting nature.

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But the one weakness most Pisces fight against is being prone to gloom and melancholy as they to combine moments when they are feeling pessimistic with moments of introspection and of course nothing good will come out of this habit. Versatile and enthusiastic as a partner , you are not going to get bored next to a Pisces. They actually find it satisfying to describe the changes they experience and are drawn to the mystic side of life.

They love dating and meeting new and exciting persons but when it comes to commitment they avoid any kind of attachment. The fact that they need convincing is an understatement. At the same time, some things can be that simple that one can conquer the heart of Pisces just by keeping up with them. Action driven Pisces lovers are attracted to mysterious, sensual and energetic persons who can keep up with their crazy lifestyle. However, keep note that even these wonderers can be struck by love so when they finally settle with someone they are turn into the most romantic and loving of all partners.

Pisces: About This Zodiac Sign

Spiritual and passionate Pisces is attracted to the other two water signs: Cancer and Scorpio. The first has the same intuitive tendencies and is just as oriented towards creating different things whilst the second maintains their need for mystery and unpredictability.

Pisces is most compatible with those, who, just like them, are in permanent search for novelty and experience. They rarely settle but when they do, their many expectations for a perfect relationship arise and demand to be met as soon as possible. A zodiac sign who offers just this and extra stability and indulges all their desires, would be Taurus.

On the other hand, Pisces people seem to be least compatible with Aquarians as they tend to clash when it comes to plans for the future and their relationship with friends. Of course, those born in Pisces display different particularities when in contact with the other eleven zodiac signs and each of these combinations is worth to be discussed separately. Their general health is quite good as this matter has always presented great interest for Pisces people and they know how to take care of themselves. They tend to worry for any little scratch but overall they acknowledge the need to keep their minds and bodies healthy and prefer to let worries for real and not imaginary situations.

The Pisces zodiac sign rules the blood circulation, muscles of the legs and feet. This means that they are more prone than other signs to suffer from injuries that concern movement and blood circulation. Pisces people manage to combine their visionary activities with a humanitarian approach, therefore changing the world around them step by step. They most likely thrive in a flexible and enterprising environment that challenges and helps them show how amazingly creative and innovative they are.

Creating a family comes after their own accomplishments for the dreamy Pisces. These natives will always be children at heart and they are not very keen to accommodate their own family. The Pisces individual is innovative therefore does not put a high price on traditional values and instead tries to build his own principles. Pisces teenagers, on the other hand, are adventurous and hard to manage but they succeed to overcome the difficult phases all by themselves. A Pisces friend is caring and affectionate and will often go out of their way to help a friend in need.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

These are one of the most loyal friends someone can have. Friends are like family for them and sometimes they act quite naive and can be easily disappointed. Pisces people tend to form strong and positive friendships at a young age and will follow through with them in life. Pisces always fights for the underdogs, and is known for her soft-hearted ways. She is deeply sentimental and often moved to tears by sad movies and even sappy dog food commercials.

Sweet Pisces is here to show us all how to be gentler — with each other, and with ourselves. Pisces ladies are the ultimate romantics of the zodiac, often losing themselves completely in the fantasy of love.

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Boundaries are very permeable for Neptune-ruled Pisces, whose watery nature rushes in and subsumes her lovers, like a mermaid luring sailors away from shore with her siren song. Do you have what it takes to keep her grounded in the now? Delusion and illusion are Neptunian keywords, and you may wake to the harsh morning light of discovering the ephemeral nature of your fleeting affair with a Pisces woman.

Sex is a spiritual and transcendent experience for this mystical mer-babe, so treat it like a sacrament and prepare to be amazed at her intuitive touch. With her apparently clairvoyant characteristics, a Pisces woman will know what you want even before you do — and she loves nothing more than giving pleasure for hours, until you may not be sure where your senses end and hers begin.

Become one with a Pisces once, and you may never want to leave her marvelous underwater world. The home of a Pisces woman is a palace of wonder, strewn with colorful draperies and thick with sweet incense smoke. This is a space for dreaming, often with lots of windows covered with diaphanous fabric and diffuse light swathing her big bed.

The bedroom is an important place for a Pisces woman, with her sleeping area outfitted like a boat covered in silken sheets and gorgeous pillows, and makeshift canopies constructed from lacy scarves and shawls. Mystical Pisces loves any ritual objects and tools, and she makes beautiful altars everywhere in her home. Time to connect with water is essential to a Pisces woman, so her bathtub may be where she spends much of her time at home, soaking in Epsom salts and essential oils. Should a Pisces choose to become a mother , she will be the most generous, loving singer of lullabies and kisser of boo-boos ever — but her children will rarely know discipline or boundaries and may need another strong parent to teach them about responsibility.

Pisces women generally must find occupations where they can express their creativity, spirituality, desire to help others — or ideally, an unusual combination of all three. These women are nurturers and healers, though they may not always do this work in the most expected of ways. Some may find their passion for nursing, working as therapists or counselors, or doing holistic healing like reiki or massage. The Pisces woman is often fascinated by ancient ways of healing and magic, like astrology or herbalism. These old souls would rather do things the way they were originally done, preferring pen and ink over computers and technology.

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