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Getty Images. They come in with a bang. SrdjanPav Getty Images. They're pretty chill.

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Tim Robberts Getty Images. They are generally pretty healthy. They rip up the field.

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Peopleimages Getty Images. They are creative problem-solvers. They become doctors or accountants. Or else they're headed for the corner office. Men born in January often marry women born in October. Carol Yepes Getty Images. They are more likely to be left-handed. They're in good company. Their birthstone is garnet. Judy Davidson Getty Images. They have two birth flowers: the carnation and the snowdrop. They are either Capricorn or Aquarius. January 7th is the date of the first innovator of the year.

There has to be something new, unimaginable, lifechanging in the nature of a Capricorn born on this date, with their masculine, changeable nature being their greatest strength that needs to be nurtured. The connection of Uranus with the Sun, combined to create the symbolism of Mars, speaks of a strongly masculine energy. Emotional, sensitive matters tend to stay hidden far below the surface in individuals born on this date.

With this person being born in a feminine sign of Capricorn, merging this into one whole will be quite a challenge, for as long as fears guide their way.

January 7 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

Liberation is their guiding light and a solid foundation always must be set in order to make the progress they were born to make. Issues with authority will travel through their family tree, and each generation of men will show antagonism towards their father or their father's father, including new men that enter the family through marriage.

These two symbols add to the image of an inner opposition and conflict individuals born on the 7th of January carry within. The second symbol speaks of their connection to the roots as it intertwines with the date preceding their birth date, and this seems to lead towards liberation in natural cycles. The entire image is going from an extreme of shy, childish innocence, to the expression of sexuality through a feminine, irrational principle.

It is obvious that those born on this date have a task to shake our worlds. Once they come out of their shells and realize that there is freedom they can create in their lives, they become controversial, strange, and unstoppable. No matter if they take a passive or an active role at first, their destination is the same, and it speaks of initiative, fighting for the rights of the weak, and most of all — setting healthy boundaries towards the outer world.

Venus enters Scorpio

The love life of those born on January 7th is always closely connected to sexuality and the challenges of ties being broken and glued up again. Use that oomph to attract the harmony you so desire. The results will be well worth the efforts forecasts the Capricorn birthday horoscope. Ruled by Venus, love has always been easily attainable.

On a personal level, old associations will make reappearance in your life. Chances are they will pop up when you least expect them. Your love compatibility by birth date predictions ask you to think about the past and make sure this is what you want to do before opening old wounds. Within the family unit, that decision will come effortlessly. You will be able to get in touch with your own feelings by doing so. The natural ability of people with birthday sign Capricorn is to make friendships.

Thus, it leaves you little time to be alone.

Astrology Numerology for Person Born on January 7th

You enjoy your private time… your time. You have a good idea of what makes people tick so they enjoy being around you. At times, you have a tendency to be a little isolated or detached. That is when people find you most difficult. Underneath this person is a passionate and loving human being yearning to be free.

Planetary Row

All you desire is someone who shares your ambitions and values. Your ideal life partner is someone who will respect your needs including those untimely bouts of seclusion. You only keep your guard up because you wear your heart on your sleeve. You lose more than you gain when it comes to personal relationships with this way of thinking. Since the January 7th zodiac sign is Capricorn, you are born under the guidance of Saturn and Neptune. You are uniquely you!

Andi asks is your Birthday January 7th...

You matured early. You understand the nature of being human. Your decision to make more money, usually means more work but then again, it is what you live for foretells your birth date astrology. January 7 people need the emotional security of a large circle of friends.