Birthday 11 november horoscope

You pay close attention to details to ensure that everything goes as per the plan. You have an artistic streak in your personality. Thus, you enjoy being involved in the beautification of the environment. Being a sincere person, you hate being dragged into situations that involve deception.

In fact, you are unforgiving when someone close to you tries to dupe you in any way. People find most of the things you do as being unpredictable. This is because you have a mysterious aspect to your personality. You are a jovial individual who makes for great company.

You have a way of lighting the mood at any gathering. It is no wonder, then, that you receive so many invites to parties and such other social gatherings!

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However, you have a few weaknesses that you need to rectify. These flaws have a way of interfering with your plans. You need to deal with them decisively. For example, you tend to be too controlling. You demand too much from your peers. You expect everyone to live by your very high standards. Also, you show high levels of intolerance to those you consider to beneath your level. Now, this can only breed resentment. All in all, you are destined for greatness. You need to learn the art of forgiveness. This is the only sure way that you get rid of your negative experiences. You share the November 11 birthday with many famous people from around the world.

Here are five of them:. November 11 zodiac people belong to the 2nd decan of Scorpio.


You are in the same category as those born between November 3 and November The planet Neptune plays a major role in this decan. This means that your display the more outstanding qualities of Scorpio. For example, you are inspirational, determined, and mysterious. People define you by your loyalty.

You value your friends and family above everything else.

November 11, 1962 Birthday Facts

This endears you to many people. They know that you are willing to protect their reputation at all times. A word of caution, though!

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Watch out that some unscrupulous fellows do not take advantage of your benevolence. Remember, not everyone wishes you well. Your birthday stands for such stellar qualities as peace, harmony, perception, and self-confidence. Put these to good use. They will help sort many aspects of your life. You are an idealist.

Birthday Horoscope November 11th Scorpio, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate November

You pay very close attention to details. Any deviation from this is likely to irritate you. You dislike lateness and sloppiness. As such, you can fit in any organization that values dependability, professionalism, and trustworthiness. You have these qualities in plenty. Red is the magic color of people born on November This is the color of power, luck, strength, and action. These qualities reflect who you are. A word of caution! What are the Traits of a Person Born on November 11? Famous People who Share the November 11 Birthday You share the November 11 birthday with many famous people from around the world.

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  • Your Career Horoscope You are an idealist. Final Thought… Red is the magic color of people born on November Sharing is caring! Share Pin. November 1 Zodiac. February 11 Zodiac. August 11 Zodiac. With so many suns in their row, it is obvious that the input of the outer world, opinions and the will of others may present a threat to their own train of thoughts. Even if they are centered and stable in their own attitude, they could become a subject of gossip or intrusions of opinions from others that belong to the collective, rather than anyone's inner truth.

    They need to spend enough time alone to find their way of expression that is clean of the environment and truly something to guide others towards the light. Although father figures in their lives might be strict or truly difficult, they are to rise above the image of father and find a much larger core of Creation above. What they manifest in life depends on their ability to embrace, accept and metabolize circumstances coming their way, as they take a step back to resolve their own shadows instead of constantly rushing forwards. On their path, they need solid boundaries and enough distance from other people so they can be sure about their internal states and understand their meaning.

    With greater powers at force, individuals born on November 11th are extremely emotionally potent but easily bruised at a young age and until they stand firm on their own two feet. To ground their ideals and make a stable link between the spiritual world they wish to ascend to and something as simple as sexuality, they need personal balance intact and to flow with emotions that they would normally overthrow or shove aside. Their complexity is to be embraced and their individuality accepted so they can accept it in their partner as well. Born special, they could do everything in their power to blend in and need someone of equal personal strength to remember the exact amount of respect and self-respect needed to connect and stay healthy with a strong individual by their side.

    Once they find their personal stability, they tend to form romantic relationships with those who are strong willed but need their protection.


    In return, they will find the feeling of home and enough love to support them in their advance motions. A Scorpio born on November 11th is born to be a leader and someone that others will revolve around, but strong positions are to be obtained by an attitude that is respectful of other people, especially other authority figures, and themselves.

    They will make beautiful things, manage others to do the same, and be the public figure that represents those who work hard for their goals. With their understanding of deep source of shame in others, they can become excellent detectives and those who see the motives behind the deed.

    November 11 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

    To power up their ability to conduct the higher thought, their own ideas and creativity into the real world, Scorpios born on the 11th of November should carry gold. Gold will support them to deal with the overburden of responsibility and it helps them mobilize, activate from a healthy position without rushing, so they can clearly see their true potential. When considering a gift for someone born on November 11th, it is best to get creative and focus on their childish desires and needs.

    Buy something they can paint on, take them to the theater or to a fancy gathering where they have to dress up and show their dignified glow.

    November 11 Scorpio Mini Series

    They will appreciate expensive, branded or gold trinkets and presents that come from the heart, but be careful to always openly approach them in your attempt to show your appreciation and love. Creative, willful and expressive, they see the light in others and feel confident they can succeed, no matter what they commit to.

    Loyal and warm, their honesty refreshes stale surroundings and brings change to systems that need restructuration.