Aquarius january horoscope 2020

Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: unfortunately this year it is quite complicated to manage for you at a working and sentimental level with some complications in health due to excessive energy coming from Mars which also risks creating a lot of nervousness.

Try to stay calm and do not throw away money. Taurus: your physical condition and above all your professional situation improves in the first six months of the year but then Mars spoils your projects a little. However, economically you are very strong and you can also handle love with new emotions to live very well. Gemini: phase with positive months and negative months in which you have to be very careful with your wallet so as not to spend too much.

Aquarius horoscope 2020

At a working level some projects are blocked and you are quite disappointed but the charm increases with the arrival of June and until the end of the year. Cancer: This year is very complicated for you and you will not really know how to solve some financial, labor, economic problems. Try to be very attentive to details and do not give your trust to anyone.

In love, he has great difficulty with Saturn, who asks for seriousness in the couple's relationship. Leo: unfortunately, the professional life is not easy to manage and the expenses to be faced can create many thoughts but from June Mars brings new energy and a useful creativity in the work but also in love with new very interesting and exciting meetings.

Virgo: on a sentimental level this phase of your life can be really exciting with a lot of professional commitment and with a desire that is perhaps to get married or go to live together. Excellent energy that you can use in a professional project you've been working on for many years. Libra: when it comes to work things can be very complicated to manage and you have to be very careful avoiding mistakes that can complicate your life.

Economically, be very careful about a problem that is not easy to solve. Problems also in love with probable quarrels since June. Scorpio: good astrological configuration that promises a first part of the year excellent for work and love but from June things can become too nervous and you risk ruining something in your love life and professional.

So much eros and magnetism to be exploited under the sheets. Sagittarius: Jupiter and Saturn can improve or worsen your economic situation with some problems that need to be resolved very soon before Mars can get too nervous from June.

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Professional travels very interesting and during a trip you might know a very attractive person. Capricorn: excellent the first six months in the work with great energy to be exploited mentally to be able to carry out projects you have been working on for a couple of years. Now you are very strong and you can also progress on an economic level with a great desire to meet the needs of the partner who loves you so much.

Aquarius: difficult astrological configuration that does not allow one to be serene inwardly and also economically. Perhaps you have spent too much money in the past and now you have to save money but the bills to be paid arrive. Very worrying love and possible separations. Pisces: good the first part of the year and especially the first six months can be very productive in love and in work with favorable occasions that come and very interesting successes.

If you are lonely hearts then go out because the soul mate is waiting for your first step. Excellent creative energy. Today's horoscope. And give yourself some space from responsibilities too. Aquarius Home and Family Horoscope. Uranus remains in your home and family sector all year, and is the first calendar year where Uranus is in this sector. You can make lots of changes at home by moving, redecorating, renovating, or changing who you live with, and anyone you live with can bring on some changes into your life as well.

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You yourself may want more space to feel better emotionally and sort through internal issues in your own way. Just try not to push them away too much. Aquarius Mental State Horoscope. Mars will be in one of the sectors ruling your mind July to the end of the year, and is in this sector for so long because Mars will retrograde September to mid-November.

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This may be a time when you lack the focus you need, and your mental energy can sway from too high to too low. You may get into more arguments with others and are easily irritated and provoked. Try to keep more of an open mind, and have an outlet for frustrations that is healthy and positive. You can get your mind back on track after the retrograde ends.

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Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter come together in Capricorn in and Mars mid-February through March , and this occurs in the sector ruling your subconscious. This is big energy, and in your case, it may seem quieter for you than for others. You may work on things behind the scenes, on your own, when no one is paying attention, and subconsciously. You can forge a strong connection to your subconscious, and work to unlock lots of mysteries within. You can gain new insights that allow you to take more control over yourself and your life, and you can shed lots of baggage and let go of major things that have been holding you back.

This can set you up for to go into it ready to take a stand. Aquarius General Horoscope. Mercury will retrograde in your sign February 16th to March 4th, and you may feel like lots of little things pop up that require your attention. Venus enters Taurus on the 15th and that means happy times at home. Full Moon in Scorpio is a time for caution in business and work. It can bring the end of a job.

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If you want to start a writing project, the Gemini New Moon on the 3rd is a great time. Watch your finances after Neptune turns retrograde on the 21st. Otherwise, you might suffer losses.

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You can try meditation, retreats, yoga, or prayer as positive methods of dealing with stress and anxiety. You can look forward to a busy July. There are two eclipses and as many as five retrograde planets. The Solar eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd will focus on work and health. With Mars in Leo, personal relationships will be especially important to you this month. The Lunar eclipse is in Capricorn on the 16th. It encourages you to nurture your spirit. Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius on the 11th.

A good time for planning pleasant activities with friends. This is a month when relationships will be emphasized.

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Both personal and professional. Try and be patient if retrograde Saturn tries to slow your progress. If that not enough, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will also be retrograde. From the mid-month on, Mars will be in Virgo. Venus also enters Virgo on the 21st, making it an ideal time to enjoy intimate activities with a significant other or to find a new partner. Saturn is retrograde until mid-month.

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Only use methods that have worked in the past until Saturn goes direct. After Mercury and Venus both enter Libra on the 14th, it will be a good time to take an educational course. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 13th will be good for financial matters. Opportunities for new successes will arrive when Saturn turns direct on the 18th. Mars in Libra suggests you might experience problems with lawyers, educators, religious people, or foreigners. Avoid confrontations!