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Daily Horoscopes: October 9, Daily Horoscopes: October 8, Daily Horoscopes: October 7, Back in the s, people would meet a stranger and ask what their zodiac sign was, and some even wore necklaces with charms that had their Sun sign's symbol on it. Today we have modern astrologers that make the science of astrology easier to understand for people on the internet.

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Like early astrologers, many modern astrologers study the planets and how each planet creates energy that impacts how people behave. Both ancient and modern day astrologers follow a lunar cycle when they waited for the Sun to return to its original position. It started being used to predict seasonal changes or celestial events. As such they used it to predict other events such as war or natural disasters. In royal everyday life, leaders used it to make their decisions too.

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Here's a bit of back history related to astrology and its development. For a long time, astrology was considered a science due to the fact philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle highly regarded it. People believe it was developed in ancient Egypt and later used by the Babylonians. After the Babylonians got ahold of the teachings, it spread to Greek culture.

From then on, the Romans also adopted it and renamed each sign, those names still being in use today. Even though lots of people argue about whether or not astrology is real, the accuracy is a bit compelling. The inspiration for her astrology career and website, much like my own writing, comes from her cultural background as well as her observations of it.

In Bulgaria, she noticed that there was a mix of mystical phenomenons, archaic folkloric tradition, and ancient lore which led her to start reading the ancient esoteric Christian readings of Master Beinsa Douno. She says that literally one day an astrology book fell on her head when she realized it interested her.

Once she started studying, it was her boyfriend, an Aquarius, who pushed her to pursue her passion, and the rest is history Her website is easily accessible, featuring a calendar, readings, reports and horoscopes, courses or webinars as well as personal services for options.

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She airs on YouTube live rarely, but she has a video on love, relationships, dating and whatever else a person needs to learn about their own zodiac sign or astrology. It gained global attention and now, she's literally one of the most famous astrologers on YouTube out there passing one of her mentors, who is also on this list.

She does consultations, and it looks as though she will soon be hosting seminars for those who want to dive in deeper into astrology.

These are for her writing, acting, and, of course, astrology endeavors, as she also is mother and wife. The Indefatigable Ruth Bader Ginsberg More than women have been newly elected to Congress, marking a new generation Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell announced Making the Case for Financial Astrology As early as , financial astrologer Ray Merriman began persistently warning anyone The world can be a difficult place when you find Successful Astrology Study Replicated Sophisticated computer software programs with the potential to guide individuals Opinion Who Really Needs an Astrologer?

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What am I supposed to be in this Astrology in the 22nd Century? When it comes to dismissing astrology, modern critics can be relied upon Evangeline Adams is a towering figure in American astrology. She was arguably the most Access syndicated articles here.